How does it work?

Welcome to a new affordable way to ride a premium electric bike or cargo bike

Electric bike leasing and subscription solutions

Flexabike lets you ride a premium electric bike or an electric cargo bike to see if it fits your lifestyle without committing to buying one from the start.

Our Flexabike plans start with a minimum three month starter package for a brand new bike. If you like the bike and want to own it – you can! 

Flexabike bike subscription

There are two ways to ride with flexabike:

Subscribe to ride

You pay to use the bike, we cover all service items including punctures but you don't own the bike. The minimum period is three months for a brand new bike or one month for a pre-loved bike. When you no longer want the bike give us one months notice that you no longer need it and return it. We refund your deposit once the bike has been safely returned.

Subscribe to own

You pay to use the bike but you pay a little more each week and you own the bike after two years. All your fees paid will go towards the final cost of the bike and accessories. It's your bike but we look after it.

All service costs and puncture repairs are included while you are paying Flexabike fees. At the end of two years you own the bike. You can choose to pay it out earlier if you wish. If you decide you no longer want the bike you can give us 30 days notice to cancel and hand back the bike without any penalty fees.

Business leasing for bicycles

Business lease

ABN holders can buy a bike for one person or a fleet with our leasing solutions.

With business lease, all you have to do is choose your preferred lease term up to a maximum of 36 months and you are ready to go. We can send you to our portal to apply and you should receive an answer within 1hr on business days.

Why choose a business lease? It offers certainty you need to make plans, small instalments and freedom of choice at the end of the basic lease term. Hand the bike back or pay out a small residual and keep it.

Bike choices

Bikes are provided by Cargocycles, who have a great range of premium electric and cargo bikes for you to own in the most flexible way possible. We will be adding more bikes in the coming months.

How much does it cost?

Each of the bikes listed here shows a weekly rate to subscribe or. We need some ID and a $500 security deposit which is fully refundable.

Servicing and Punctures

All servicing is included in the fee including punctures if the bike is returned to our base in East Brunswick.



What areas do you cover?

Flexabike is currently available in Melbourne through the Cargocycles store in East Brunswick. New locations coming soon.

Do you deliver the bikes?

No, as we believe it is really important for you to come in, test ride and spend some time with us – even if you come with a model in mind, we will go through any possible alternatives to make sure you are choosing the best bike for you and your family. 

Is Uber eats, food delivery allowed?

No sorry. Flexabike is not intended for commercial bike use for food delivery.

How much do I need to pay to get started?

You will need to pay the first month rental period in advance, and $500 security deposit which will be returned at the end of the rental period as long as the bike is in the same condition as when you collected the bike. Normal wear and tear is ok.

With the Subscribe to own plan you are directly contributing to owning the bike. At the end of 24 months the bike is yours to keep. At any point we can show you how much you owe and you can pay it out early. 

Due care is required

You are responsible for the bike as if you own it. We will provide a high quality lock but we expect that the bike is secured in a safe place on private property when not being ridden by you.

It cannot be left in a public place overnight, it must be locked up on private property.

Holiday or vacation rentals

Sorry, the subscription service is only available to Australian residents so it is not suitable for holiday rentals. We will need an Australian photo ID and proof of residency as part of the documentation.

Where can I go for a free consultation or test ride?

Flexabike is currently available in Melbourne through the Cargocycles store in East Brunswick. New locations coming soon.