Move it, move it

Flexabike offers flexible ownership options for premium electric bikes or electric cargo bikes.

Pay by the week – if you love it, you can own it in 2 years or pay out the balance any time and own it sooner.

Or just subscribe and we cover all the running costs. Hand the bike back when you've finished.

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Our electric bikes

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Flexible payment options for electric bikes and electric cargo bikes

  • Try then buy

    Try different bikes and trikes to find the perfect bike for you and your family.

  • Own it baby

    Your weekly payments let you own a bike in 2 years
    – or just keep flexing.

  • For private users

    Try out a bike to see if it fits your lifestyle – electric bikes and cargo bikes.

  • For employers

    Flex a bike for your team. Flexabike will service it for you.

Trike or bike

You can start out with a trike and swap it for a bike later. The only commitment is one calendar month between swaps. Trikes coming soon.

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For business too

Would you like to offer your team a bike for staff meetings or just to provide an alternative to the car fleet? We can provide premium ebikes or cargo bikes for all sorts of businesses.

We can take all the hassle out of owning a fleet of bikes. You pay a simple weekly fee, we keep the bike serviced, running and ready.

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