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Yuba Spicy Curry

Yuba Spicy Curry

A lower centre of gravity at the back provides exceptional stability carrying heavy cargo loads (up to three kids!) while the full-size front wheel and powerful Bosch mid-drive motor gives a spacious, comfortable riding experience.

Choose optional accessories to suit your style or family. Add a front basket, soft spot seat pads, adjustable monkey bars, backrest or kid's seat to your Flexabike plan. 

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Yuba Spicy Curry

A long-tail cargo bike made for big loads and wiggly kids

Building on 15 years of experience in pioneering longtail cargo bikes, Yuba has once again lifted the bar for other brands to follow.

Easier to Handle For Riders Under 6 feet

The frame design of the Spicy Curry is unique, in that the rear wheel is smaller than the front. This lowers the centre of gravity and makes it easier to handle while riding with kids, adults or gear.

Mid-Drive BOSCH Cargo Line Cruise Motor + 500Wh Battery

The BOSCH brand is known for producing high-quality products, and they are no stranger to the world of electric bikes. This bike comes equipped with BOSCH’s latest cargo-specific motor, and a battery that can handle up to 100 km on a single charge. BOSCH’s ebike range assistant can calculate the range for your next ride.

Power is provided by the latest Bosch Cargo Line Smart system (85Nm), with the Intuvia 100 display and the 500 Wh battery is now fully integrated into the frame.

The Yuba Spicy Curry V4 is also compatible with the Bosch Powermore, an optional 250Wh range extender to let you explore even further.

What's new?

Yuba has updated the ever-popular Spicy Curry model – now in its fourth generation!

With a carryover of its Stay Steady Technology, the geometry ensures a steady ride with passengers and cargo on board. The mixed wheel size gives the bike a low centre of gravity, with a more comfortable roll over angle at the front.

With a Suntour Mobi front suspension fork, ride comfort is improved over the previous model. Tackle rougher trails with ease.

Magura hydro disc brakes, Schwalbe Pickup tyres and aluminium fenders all mean you can go and stop … and stay dry, while the microshift 9 speed groupset makes shifting easy, reliable and cost-effective for servicing.


  • Sturdy, low step-over aluminium frame
  • Bosch Cargo Line Motor (85Nm) + 500Wh battery integrated into frame
  • Bosch Intuvia 100 display
  • Microshift 9 speed groupset
  • Schwalbe Pickup Tires 26 x 2.4 | 20 x 2.4
  • Rear rack for side loaders
  • Double Kickstand
  • E-bike LED lights
  • Fenders + wheel skirts
  • 2-year limited warranty

Powered by Bosch

Powered by the Industry-Leading Bosch Drive System, the Yuba Spicy Curry is reliable and safe and 100% legal to ride in Australia.

Customise your ride!

With heaps of optional add-ons, you can customise a Yuba Spicy Curry to suit your style and your family – whether you're commuting, doing the school run or need to carry heaps of stuff and the dog.