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Dyson Bikes

Dyson Hard Tail

Dyson Hard Tail

EVO & MIXTE frame options

The Dyson Hard Tail Evo alloy frames are extremely solid, well balanced and offer optimised ride geometry for comfort and safety on long and short trips alike.

The Mixte’s frame is slightly shorter than that of the Hard Tail Evo and the Mixte also has a step-through frame design, making it easier to get on and off the bike. As a rule of thumb, riders up to around 5’8” may find the Mixte frame more suitable, while riders above 5’8” might wish to opt for the Hard Tail Evo.

The powerful 14 Amp Hour battery version has a 70-80km range. For even more distance (over 100km!) select the 17.5Ah option.

Luxury RTC option

Dyson pulled out all the stops with their top of the range Hard Tail EVO and MIXTE RTC (Rail Trail Commute) versions. These two luxury electric bicycles come standard with premium upgrades for the ultimate ride experience. 

The powerful hydraulic Tektro disc brakes give you ample stopping power and safety. The extruded aluminium mudguards help you stay clean and dry - and the integrated LED front and rear lights help keep you safe. The seriously sturdy high-capacity aluminium rack can haul heavy loads securely and with ease. The high-precision electronics and ergonomic ride position make for a smooth and comfortable ride - no matter how far you go. With reliable components throughout and a high-quality alloy frame, the Dyson RTC EVO or MIXTE is the complete package.

The RTC options of the Mixte and EVO come standard with a massive 17.5Ah battery for over 100km riding range.

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Quality E-Bike with larger than average battery

Quality components. It is easy to make a bike cheaper by using cheaper components and smaller capacity batteries, but we prefer to spend a little more to make something that will last and be reliable. Dyson use Tektro brake components, stainless steel spokes, lock-on grips, sensitive motor controllers filled with resin to prevent moisture entry, Shimano gear sets and quality bearings to name just a few examples.

Designed in Australia for Australians. With feedback from thousands of customers since 2013 Dyson have tailored our bikes to meet the needs of Australians. This translates to a comfortable riding position, smooth consistent assistance from our unique LPC motor and control systems. 

DYSON motor technology

-  Our tried and tested motors are reliable, super-quiet and have the grunt to move you and your gear. While complying with all Australian legal road use requirements, their high torque performance ensures fast acceleration and smooth hill climbing. The motors are fitted with a 9-Speed Shimano cassette for slick and snappy gear changes with efficient power transmission. They are maintenance-free and fully sealed, requiring no user service

-Linear Power Control, (LPC) for smooth, consistent power. With Dyson Bikes unique LPC design the power output of the bike remains consistant in level 1-5 regardless of the of battery voltage and meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS 15194:2016, (EN15194:2009, MOD).

Powerful battery

- The battery is the powerplant of any e-bike. We use high quality fully protected Lithium-Ion cells in our RTC bikes with 14 Ah or 17.5 Ah capacity, which equates to 504 or 630 Watt Hours. That in turn easily gives you up to 70-80km (or over 100km with the 17.5 Ah battery) riding range with the power to flatten hills and tame headwinds. The battery is hidden into the frame, secured with a lock and can be easily removed. Australian Standards approved C-Ticked charger is included with your e-bike.


Max speed 25 km/per hr –complies with Australian electric bike regulations

Powered by Dyson

Unique motor technology - Linear Power Control, (LPC)

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