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Yuba Kombi E5

Yuba Kombi E5

The most affordable electric-assist longtail in the Yuba range with a 200kg payload capacity.

Add optional Yuba accessories to your Spicy Curry to suit your needs – add a basket, passenger deck, sideboards, panniers, monkey bars or kid's seat to your Flexabike plan. 

Accessories are an additional cost and colours are subject to availability.

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Yuba Kombi E5

Leave the car keys st home!

Meet the Kombi E5. Based on the top-selling Kombi ‘compact’ long-tail cargo bike, this new electric-powered version is designed principally for flat terrain riding but is able to handle big cargo loads.

The Kombi E5 boasts a host of features from Shimano — a high-quality and high-performance component manufacturer for different types of bicycles globally — all at a competitive price.

200kg of kids or gear

The heart of this high-tech bike is the Yuba in-house designed chromoly-steel frame, featuring Yuba’s proven Stay Steady Technology (found on ALL Yuba compact, mid-tail and long-tail bikes), which is stable, sturdy and built to last. You’ll likely be riding it more than you use your car – and doing your part for a cleaner, healthier planet!

The Kombi E5 can handle up to 200kg of cargo — personalise your ride with a great range of add-ons for hauling the kids, or gear, or for the daily ride to work – then surprise everyone by parking it vertically to save space!

Powered by Shimano

The Kombi E5 is powered by Shimano’s lightest E-bike system: the STEPS E5000 mid-drive motor and its 418 Wh battery. Key to riding safety is powerful braking, and the Clarks disc brakes will inspire confidence in all conditions. What a ‘Kombination’!


  • Sturdy, Stay-Steady Chromoly steel frame for stability, comfort & reliability
  • Shimano Steps E5000 motor (40Nm) & 418 Wh battery
  • S-Ride derailleur & 9-Speed 11-36 Cassette
  • Clarks hydraulic disc brakes
  • Frame colour ORANGE
  • Maxxis Hookworm Tires 24 x 2.5 puncture-resistant
  • Super stable Yuba “Stand Together” double kickstand
  • Hi-Visibility LED lights
  • Front fender + rear wheelskirt – stay clean and safe!
  • Deflopilator for steering stability
  • Flat pedals

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