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Yuba Mundo EP8

Yuba Mundo EP8

Designed for big tribes and heavy loads. Carry 3 children or 2 adults: no compromise on load capacity with a powerful Shimano motor. 

Add optional Yuba accessories to suit your needs – add a basket, passenger deck, sideboards, panniers, monkey bars or kid's seat to your Flexabike plan. 

Accessories are an additional cost and colours are subject to availability.

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Yuba Mundo EP8

Why we love the Mundo Electric

Massive load-carrying capability, 250kg total load, bring your partner and the kids.

Super strong and stiff cromoly frame thanks to the “Stay Steady” technology.

Go-Getter bags can carry two or more big supermarket bags on each side and one in the breadbasket – as much as a small family car.

Huge range of other accessories so the bike can last as your family grows, from baby seats to monkey bars to just a ring or a hold-on bar.

Mid-Drive Shimano EP8 Motor + 504Wh Battery

This Mundo Electric comes equipped with Shimano’s high-end EP8 mid-drive motor that can handle all types of terrain, and a battery that can be charged on or off the bike.

The motor is super light at only 2.6kg with a class-leading 85nm of torque. Compared to its predecessor it has 36% less drag and is a lot quieter too. It’s a great package for the newest Electric Mundo.

What's included

  • Double kickstand
  • E-bike LED lights
  • Fenders + wheelskirts
  • Deflopilator

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